Sunday, August 3, 2008

An excuse?

I had bad dreams last night. I was trying to explain to a professional of sorts about Skyler and my suspected SPD. She would not listen and started to yell at me that she thought I was just a bad mother who needed to control her spoiled daughter. :( Now I am awake with another headache.

Last night Skyler used her SPD issue as an excuse. That is all it was too, an excuse. I wonder if that is why I had the dream. She was getting snippy and angry with her sisters. We were all getting into bed and I was getting ready to read Harry Potter. They were not being loud or really doing anything. She just gets onery at bedtime. When I asked her to please leave her sisters alone she said to me "but mom, I am sensitive" Ugh. I do not want her to use her SPD as an excuse when it has nothing to do with the situation. I don't want her to think it is ok to be a jerk to her sisters because her is "sensitive"

I have shared with her a lot of my learning about SPD and even read her tid-bits of the books. Is this a mistake? I always thought that being open with her was best.

I have been at the homeschool expo all weekend nad have had some great talks with friends. I will have a lot to post about after today (today is the last day of the expo) I also got "Sensational Kids" in the mail. Yahoo.

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