Saturday, August 23, 2008

Breaking point plus Skyler's BFF

August 12th
Yesterday and today have been hard in regards to Skyler's SPD. "Off days" as the book "Out Of Sync Child" calls it.

I just started the book, I am still in chapter 1 but there is this sentence that hit the spot "... the child sometimes can take in sensations, organize them and respond appropriately, but not today. This may be one of his off days."

Yesterday Skyler was eating pizza. She felt like something was stuck in her throat. Like when you eat popcorn and a piece pokes the back of your throat. No matter what she did she couldn't get it to curl away. We had to leave to take Sylvia to karate. In the car, just as it was before, she was so focused on the sensation that she could not handle any more.

When we got to XRTainment Zone and Sylvia was in karate I thought that buying her shake would help. It did for a while. But on the way home I lost it with her. After getting after Sylvia and Sage to keep it quiet, and they've listened, Skyler let out a scream. A high-pitched loud frustrated scream! She was that frustrated with her sister's quiet playing.
Her scream hurt my ears and I just lost it! I really try to understand her. I try to create an environment that will work with her SPD. It is so frustrating. I yelled, I swore a lot, and then felt like crap.

Why does she have this? Why why why??? Why did it suddenly get worse? It was not just bad six months ago. Not even near this bad.

I have spoken with my homeschool mom friends in person and through e-mail. There is quite a few that deal with SPP and their even have to get themselves. I printed out or e-mails to read over and over. Their knowledge and their willingness to share that knowledge is a huge blessing to me.

One homeschool blog friend I was talking to in person asked me a question that I had not thought about before. "Did you notice the symptoms getting worse after she had chickenpox?" I had to pause to think that the answer was a huge "Yes" both her and another friend have children that also have SPD. They also had chickenpox over the summer. Both had a relapse of their symptoms at that time. Could it be? She said slowly her son and the other friend's daughter had gotten back to where they were before chickenpox. Skyler has not.

I met a wonderful mom a few months ago. It was one of those meant to be friendships I hope she doesn't mind me babbling about her and her daughters. I met them at a homeschool class. The children were busy in another part of the room The four or five moms were sitting on chairs chatting. Me, a regular at the time, and my now friend, the newbie. It was her second time coming to class. We hit it off and began chatting like two schoolgirls. I remember at one point her daughter came over to our side of the room and said "mom, you were not as quiet as you think you are. ":-)

So why would I feel the need to babble on about my new friend when this is a blog about the Skyler?is why. The eight-year-old daughter of my new friend. Skyler hit it off with her just as fast or faster than I hit it off with her mom. They clicked. It was amazing. Not only did they both enjoyed the same things they also have many of the same problems as SPD for starters.They also have the same struggles with learning to read and write.

Skyler calls S. " My very best friend"

To put icing on this already yummy cake J. Has another daughter M.. That is six. Sylvia and Sage enjoyed being with her.

Together our daughters are 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 years old.

J. has taught me so much about SPD. I feel like I need to take notes when we are talking so as not to forget anything. I so much look forward to learning all that she has to offer.

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