Friday, September 12, 2008

The hike, homeschool and more

It has been a very hard few days. Just when I think I am figuring her out she ups the ante. Things seem to be get worse.

Bedtime is the worst! And I mean the worst. Dealing with my own PMS and Skyler's SPD is almost more than I can handle. I feel like I am going to lose it. Is mothering supposed to be this hard?

On Tuesday, we met with other homeschoolers in a new nature co-op to go on a hike. The weather was beautiful. The hike was simple but amazing. The company, also amazing. The hike was one mile and by the time we reached the end of the hike Skyler had pretty much had it. There was enough sensations to cause her some panic. Even the sound of someone opening their water bottle caused some grief. We had all sat down at the end/or should I say middle of the hike because we still had to hike back to the car?I'd really wanted to sit and enjoy the outdoors and chat with other homeschoolers. But alas it was not to be. I had to round up the girls and head back. I desperately try to enjoy the hike back but it was hard with Skyler's complaining. I guess all in all it wasn't a disaster, the kids still said they had fun. It just wasn't what I was hoping for and what I needed.

Skyler needs are becoming more important than any of the rest of the families needs. Is that the way it's going to be forever. It doesn't seem fair. Not fair to Sylvia or Sage. Not fair to me or her father. How do I balance Skyler's needs and not ignore the rest of the Family's.

My friend whose daughter also has SPD ( see past post) came over yesterday and brought some shirts for Skyler. Super soft very comfortable :-) she found them at JoAnn fabric store and thought of Skyler. This seem is enclosed. It took a lot to convince Skyler to try them on. She had to scream in her pillow and calm herself before she got up the courage to try them on. She liked them, LOL. She did say that they were a bit to big that still comfortable. I think I will go to Joanne fabric and see if they have more. I will buy them out! :-) now if I could just find pants!

With home school starting to stress is piling up even more. Again, I need to figure out how not to ignore my other children and their needs/education. Sylvia is way behind her grade level. And it is not because she too has a learning disorder. It is because last year I focused more on Skyler and Sylvia got the back seat most of the time. Sylvia is resisting her lessons. I wonder if I'm now pushing her too hard. I do believe in the saying that a says "they will learn when they are ready" I think Sylvia will learn to read and write when she is ready. No learning disorder involved, just a very energetic seven-year-old who seems not mature enough. Skyler on the other hand has the maturity. It feels different with her. I do believe there is some sort of disorder,more than SPD. How do I find out??? How do I get her the help she needs?

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